Monday, 8 February 2010

What are you paying for

When looking for a driving instructor it is tempting just to phone round for the cheapest price, or just go for the most advertised driving school.

Make sure you ask the right questions so you can fully make an informed decision.

The most expensive driving schools are not necessarily the best. A national company has many offices with staff and a huge advertising budget. Who is paying for all of this??
YOU of course
There instructors are no more qualified than any other instructor on the road.

What about the cheapest??
First thing is to ask 'how long are your lessons??'
Some driving instructors do 45 min lessons, so what sounds like a good deal can actually be lots more expensive in the long run.
motoskooL recommends lessons be at least 1 hour. The DSA recommends you learn the most efficiently with 2 2 hour lessons a week. We understand for many people this may be too big a financial commitment.

It is more important to pick an instructor you feel comfy with, you are going to be in the car with them for many hours.
At motoskooL we recommend that you take a lesson with an instructor before you commit to block booking of many hours. If for any reason you do not get on with the instructor then find another one. All people are different and what was great for your best friend may just not work for you.