Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dogs die in hot cars!

OK I know you hear this every year - but sadly every year it happens again.
This heatwave is lovely, but consider your car especially if your dog every travels in it. Just leaving the windows open a crack is not enough!
you need to

Plan in advance
If it is going to be hot the next day then put reflective screens on your cars windows the night before, it is much easier to keep a car cool rather than cool it down once it is already hot

Park in the shade
Finding a nice shady spot will help a lot to keep your car cool - but remember the sun moves so the shadows will move, consider this when parking

Open all the windows (you can get grills to pop into the windows to keep your car safe. If you car has dark tinted windows consider opening the windows on the sunny side of the car less than on the other side as the tint protects you from some of the suns rays. If your dogs are secured in a crate in the back you can also get a boot lock that enables you to leave the boot open slightly but still locked.

Screen the sun
You can get cheep reflective screens to go on your windows (check ebay) - remember these can slip which is why I use the backup of parking in the shade too.

Check back often
Better to be safe than sorry, always pop back regularly to make sure your car isnt heating up. Check your dogs have water and you can consider cool mats for them to lie on or fans to keep the air circulating

Even if you dont have dogs these tips can keep your car a nice cool place for you in the hot weather

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